Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Assalamualaikum...Soorrrryy..This entry will be fully in english :(

How's life?Mine?Alhamdulillah....If u guys are down,go to HIM..Other thing,there's a lot of ways to make urself happy back....Don't worry be happy :)

See the title?That's what I'm gonna telling you today which are also branches of my pastimes.

There's a lot of editing softwares in this world..(oh yeah?)..Even if you just googled 'photo editing software' and voila! A lot of results appeared!Established or non-established,just the same...

There are good ones and not so good ones.Here,some awesome photo editing softwares that you can choose at your own pace..

I bet everbody knows photoshop awesomeness..Haha...Actually,I rarely used this software because it's a bit complicated for beginers...Beginners enemy,experts bff....heh..But yeah,the result?Whoaww....
If you want to be a photoshop experties,just watch videos at youtube or buy some it magazines with a photoshop tuto in it...Or buy an advanced photoshop magazine which was really expensive but it gives u free CD of Adobe PS software..*software,buy it.not downloaded.*
*really wanna buy,go to the UK*
Here's link on Advanced Photoshop mag :http://www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk/

or  TRY THIS :)

A photoshop clon.Exact to be.Try a shot.Link is there.

This is from http://pixlr.com/o-matic/...Basically,this one of Pixlr's editin' service...
I love it for it's filters.Beauty.It have a pc version of it which you can download it,of course.
It's an Image filter app..so it offers filters,overlay(bocea stuff etc.) and frames..quite nice..
Here's some of my work with Pixlr :D

Gorgeous?Oh man,don't be full of urself.. haha


Let's meet my bestie in editing.....Yah,it's Photoscape : D...I'm not great in explaining in a full english,actually.
For me,this software doesn't need a lotta explaination.Make ur curiousity kill you,man.Self-exploration is better with Photoscape.Not lying.Beginners,it is agood medium to learn editing with photoscape if u used and familiar with online editing like Picmonkey.
Experts,idk.U guys r the experts.Ahaha.
Anyway,click here to download Photoscape : D.


Here it's official website.If you were a Picnik users,you will love picmonkey.In fact,I started editing with Picnik before it's closing.This is an online editing service.For beginners,Photoscape is good when u r used to online softwares like this.My advice is before u downloading Photoscape,better u play with this kinda stuff.
In fact,I know a lot of beautiful fonts from online editing services.Explore urself!Links given..So,just click and have a try! : D.

5. Xiu Xiu Meitu

Shocked?! Yeah,this editing software is in chinese..This software is far from complicated eventhough it's in chinese...Relieved??? Hope so.Special about this sofware is u can clean ur face up.Blurr?
Means,if u have a super duper big pimple at your face,you can clear it up by editing at this software and this also what didn't like much about it..Because people edit their faces 'till it's too clean like u r undergoing a plastic surgery... ==''''.Anyway,besides that,it creates a beautiful picture with BEAUTIFUL filters,effect and overlays. *whatever is the term, I dunno*
Comments for further question okay?Anyway,click here to download Xiu Xiu Meitu.
*click the green thing for download at its website.*

some of my work with Xiu2 Meitu

Reflection of me : D

cute cat in a box : D

Before I ended,the important thing you need to have in editing is curiousity and willing to take risk *if you're pc break down due of it *.Why?Without curiousity,you will not succeed to explore the software and end up editing a **** photo.That's all from me! Happy editing : D


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